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New Spring #RunningGear by #CTR!

Today is all about some fabulous new running gear which I was very thankful to receive by the local Montreal company Chaos Hats. They provided me with four CTR items which have been put to good use this week during my training runs!


Chase Ponytail Skully

First of all as much it’s spring, it still feels cold on many early morning runs. Hats are definitely still a necessity to retain some body heat and keep the ears warm from the wind. The material wicks sweat perfectly and it’s a great combination of retaining warmth at the beginning of the run and not overheating as you get further along. The fit is perfect and I can’t deny the practicality of the ponytail holder. Hats are always an issue without one of these!

photo 1 (9)  photo 2 (9)

Chase Headband

I wear a lot of headbands and most of them, despite the fact that they all claim to stay put on your head no matter what activity you do, most do not. I hate having to adjust headbands mid run, mid yoga or mid anything! Nothing more annoying than messing around with your hair accessory when you want to be focusing on your workout. So when I saw the same claim on this headband, I figured I knew what I was in for. Well, I am happy to report that I was totally wrong! This headband does actually stay put! Mostly I believe due to the tie in the back. All my other headbands tend to slip off (maybe it’s just my head?) but when I tie the CTR headband, I can make it as tight or as loose as I need and it stays. Not to mention the wide front band that wicks sweat (same great material as the hat).

photo 2 (11)  photo 1 (7)

Chase belt

Now here’s an item that I can really get behind! See I have a purse problem. I’m usually the girl with the massive oversize purse carrying everything I’ve ever owned. I have the same issue when I run. I need my phone, water, kleenex, lip balm, keys, ID, money and now that I’m training a marathon I need some extra fuel. I’ve been struggling about where to put everything and how to carry it. This little belt was the perfect answer for all the little extras that were not fitting into my pockets and fuel belt. It’s small, light and can stretch to accommodate a number of items. I even used it as the only carrying item on short runs when I didn’t need water or fuel!

photo 4 (3)

Chase Slapband

Super fun item! It’s great how all the CTR items have some reflective details on them but these little slap bands really did the trick. Not to mention they are fun to use. Just slap and go! Reminded me of the slap bracelets I used to have as a kid. I felt extra safe on the roads during a recent evening run.

photo 1 (8)  photo 3 (4)

After trying these products I was really impressed with them. All are durable, easily washable and have great practical and stylistic elements. Another plus for me is that they are easy to find at my local mall. Nothing worse than falling in love with a product only to find out it can only be found in a small boutique that may or may not ship to Canada!

All the CTR products are reasonably priced and can be found at most Montreal Sports Experts stores.

Thank you Chaos Hats! I will be using these and more CTR products for a long time!!

Best Headband EVER! (1)


My 4 Essentials for Spring Running

It’s officially the first day of SPRING 🙂 

In honor of this beautiful spring day, here are my 5 essentials for SPRING running that I can’t live without!

Face cream: Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream


There is just nothing like Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream! It’s fabulous on any area of chapped or dry skin. It protects your skin and smooths out any rough patches. I received mine as a gift for Christmas this year and have used it on every outdoor run through winter and now into spring as well. Best places to apply is across the cheekbones and nose. I find it’s especially useful on early morning spring runs when it’s still quite cold out!

Lip balm: Burt’s Bees Beeswax


Burt’s Bees Beeswax is by far my favorite lip balm. It keeps your lips soft and silky on long runs even with only 1 application. I love the cool minty sensation that lingers on your lips and you can’t beat feeling good about the all natural ingredients!

Lightweight running sweater: Running Room Kangaroo Pullover


I used Running Room Kangaroo Pullover in early fall and now I find myself breaking it out again in early spring. It is lightweight yet warm. A fabulous combination! I also love the center “kangaroo” pocket. It has a zipper on each side and is perfect for holding essentials.

Leggings: Lululemon Trail Bound Running Tights


The Lululemon Trail Bound Running Tights are cozy, soft and like most Lulu products have great wicking fabric. They fit easily and don’t stretch out or move as you run. There’s nothing more irritating than readjusting and pulling up your leggings as you run! I find these to stay put no matter how fast or how long you run.

What do you love about spring running?

Have any favorite spring running gear that you love?

#GoRunnerGo  🙂


My Holiday Wish List

It’s the end of November and the time has come to start thinking about holiday shopping! Shopping at any time of year is one of my favorite activities however holiday shopping absolutely tops my list! I love spending hours online and in stores searching for just the right gifts that my family and friends will enjoy.

However as I start my research and begin shopping for others, I also begin creating my own wish list……teeheehee!! This year much of my wish list is of course running themed. While compiling my own list I noticed that despite the obvious theme, the items I like cover everything from technology to clothing to home decor. You wouldn’t think there are so many running themed things to buy….but there are 🙂 🙂

Here we go…..My Holiday Wish List!

Tech Accessories


I officially lost my iPhone ear buds during Halloween because of course, I dressed up as a runner! 😉 My costume was a full racing get up, complete with a bib pinned on, medal around my neck, fuel belt and my ear buds. I wore this “costume” to work and had a great time until I had to take out the ear buds in order to hear other people speak (what a concept!) and then promptly lost them. Since then I’ve been using the uncomfortable and pretty useless ones from the dollar store. I have officially suffered enough…so Santa…..I need Yurbuds for Christmas please!

A great little stocking stuffer for all runners!


Garmin Watch

Okay so this can be a big ticket item for sure but it is oh so pretty and very useful! This Garmin running watch keeps track of all your running stats, gives feedback and helps to motivate you to do better each time you run. And…it beats getting your regular every day watch all sweaty 😉

Check out their many different styles, there’s one for every price range!


iPhone case

Hmmm….totally not a necessity I know but I recently saw it online and just fell in love…..describes me to a T!

With so many running cases, it’s easy to find one with a favorite quote, photo or even customize your own!


Winter Accessories


Living in Montreal and running in the cold, snowy weather makes these an absolute necessity! Having those little ice picks on the bottom of your running shoes gives you the security and peace of mind to be able to focus on your run and not on trying to avoid the ice. Practicality doesn’t top everyone’s list of favorite gifts but let’s face it, if it’s something you will actually use then it’s a good gift!

Great gift for the winter runner on your list!


Wool Buff

So here’s the thing….it’s not pretty or stylish by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, just add a tuque and you actually look like you are going to rob a bank wearing this thing. You also don’t need one all the time. In fact much of the winter you could probably get away with not wearing one. However…..on those really cold early morning runs when the wind is howling and the snow is blowing and you can feel your nose hairs gluing themselves together…that’s when you need a wool buff!!

Don’t let your favorite runner be caught without one!


Home Decor

Decorative Pillow

I guess I must be a sucker for inspiration lately because this pillow just got to me. It’s the kind of thing that makes you smile AND makes you feel guilty if you were considering not running today! Just the thought of walking past this pretty little item and not going for a run makes me want to lace up right now!

Available in different colors and with various quotes. Find your perfect one today!


Medal & Bib Display

This is a new one for me….now that I have bibs and medals from soon to be 5 races, I have started thinking about how to display my current and future ones. For now they are on the cork board in my office but I wanted to find something a little more special. I am all about inspirational reminders and thought this could be a great way to begin displaying my collection and stay inspired at the same time!

Encourage yourself or a friend to continue their running journey by displaying their achievements!

CustomerBag6      Medal+hanger

So this pretty much sums it up….I love shopping, I love running and together these activities are a match made in heaven!

What’s on your holiday running wish list?

Have a favorite running gadget or item that you love?

Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!! 🙂