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My Running Favorites

Fellow runners!! It’s time to play a little game called My Running Favorites. Share what makes a great run for you!

Here are some of mine. I’ve tagged some runners below to get the game going but feel free to join in even without being tagged. Post your own version by answering these questions and adding some of your own before passing it on other fellow runners.

Have fun and keep running!


Location: Trail, Road or Indoors?

I cannot say it enough, I LOVE to be outside. I don’t always want to start but once I’m outside EVERYTHING changes for me. I connect to the sky, the wind, the air, the people, the trees and I feel alive. Trail running is by far my ultimate favorite but it’s not always very accessible in my area. I often have to contend with suburban road running but I make it work in my favor by choosing routes that take me through city parks and green spaces. Nature is beautiful!!

Time of Day: Morning, Noon or Evening?

Timing is always my ultimate battle!! Running first thing in the morning by far makes me feel incredible and starts off the day like nothing else. However if I haven’t had enough sleep the night before it’s an epic battle to get myself outside before 9am. Being that I mostly work from home, it’s also very easy to slip into procrastination mode and delay the morning run when deadlines are looming. Problem is once the run is delayed it doesn’t often actually happen. The key is to push myself out the door no matter what. Lots of self talk and sometimes a few threats usually do it!

Weather: Sunshine, Mild or Hot?

When it’s still warm enough to run without gloves and a hat but cool enough to bring along a light pullover. That’s my perfect season, I call it “sprall” -a nice mix of spring and fall 🙂 And sunshine!! I need lots of sunshine!

Fuel: Before, After and sometimes during?

Bananas and peanut butter are my best friends on short running mornings. Longer runs call for an oatmeal and maple syrup breakfast. During a run it’s water only although I will soon need to figure out some additional fuel as my distance increases. Afterwards can depend on the day but scrambled eggs mixed with spinach, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes are a reoccurring favorite!

Accessories: Music, Watch and more?

My iPhone is my life. Plain and simple. Music, Youtube, MapMyRun. Nothing else needed. When the weather is warmer I do use a fuel belt for water and my phone but if it’s cool enough for a sweater I just throw my phone in my pocket and off I go!

Rewards: Food, Wine or ….?

Wine, more wine and a little vino too 😉 Running makes me feel better about drinking my calories!

photo (2)

What makes a great run for you? Answer the above questions and add some of your own before passing it along and tagging more running friends. 







Earth Zen Mama





Thanks for playing runners! 

#GoRunnerGo  🙂

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One Lovely Blog Award


Montreal Runner Mom was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Earth Zen Mama! Thank you Jenn! I love these blogs awards. They are great fun to write and a fabulous way to learn more about our fellow bloggers 🙂

So what exactly does this mean? What must be done? Here are the details.

Once nominated, one must….

  • Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  • Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post.
  • Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.
  • Nominate other bloggers you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

So here we go!

7 things about myself that my readers may not know…..

1. Early in our marriage, my husband and I used say we wanted 4 kids….then we had Zach and changed our desired number to 3….then we had Chloe and changed our desired number to 2. Love those little buggers but it turns out that the energy required to raise 4 kids was just not in us!!

2. Worst car accident I ever had was the time I hit a boat. Yes, a boat and no I did not drive into the river. I was coming home late after a night out and was driving too fast down a residential street. As a stop sign approached, I hit the break pedal at the last minute and stopped short. As I did my open purse flew off the passenger seat and spilled the contents of my makeup bag on the floor. Of course being the girly girl that I am I didn’t want to lose my favorite lipstick….so I made the incredibly stupid decision to reach down and get it….while driving….I kept my left hand on the wheel and reached over. Next thing I knew I had driven up a driveway, across the lawn and into the side of a very expensive boat. The impact knocked the boat off its stand and it landed parallel to my car. The entire front engine of my car was pushed up into me and I was pinned into my seat. Oh and it turned out that the owner of the boat had just cancelled his insurance, the season had ended the day before. Oups….

3. I once went winter camping. It sounded fun but turns out I had to build my own igloo and sleep in it. It was cold, I got frostbite and it went down in history as the reason I HATE winter.

4. I love napping and wish I could nap every day. I believe that every country should follow Spain’s lead and close up shop between 1-3pm so we can all nap.

5. I used to be vegetarian. I was really into all things veggie and vegan for all the health and animal rights reasons for a long time. Then I got pregnant with my son and craved steak like never before. All day and all night all I thought about was a huge massive piece of filet mignon. I caved, enjoyed my steak and never went back. Maybe one day I will but for now filet mignon with béchamel sauce is my BFF.

6. Riding a mule down the Grand Canyon was an experience I will never forget. Absolutely breathtaking.

7. Today at the gym I learned how motivating it is when an elite runner chooses the treadmill next to you. This guy looked like one of those elite Kenyan runners that you see on tv at the starting line of the Boston or NYC Marathons. He ran so fast, for so long and barely broke a sweat. I probably looked like a chronic asthma sufferer next to him but boy I was motivated!! 🙂

Here are the blogs I nominate to receive the One Lovely Blog Award:

Thanks again, Earth Zen Mama for the nomination!

Have a lovely day everyone 🙂

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Pinterest photo prompts play…..

Practice pinned on noticeboard

Punctual practice produces perfect performance and progress

So profess your promise to possess your success!

Pride and prestige will pop up to the majority

Especially to those who make it a priority.


First pinpoint the perfect plank position to produce power.

This is not as easy as planting a perennial flower!

Pain will precede peace when pursuing the proper pace.

Pay attention to plantar fasciitis, pronation and of course each race!

Push through the panic to get to the praise, this is not a prank or a phase!


Plenty of pure provisions like peaches, potatoes, pumpkins and polenta

Unfortunately none of which come in magenta

But all these will help provide the proper physical fitness

As well as many pretty pink products for primping & prepping every picky pony tailed princess!


Paths may have pebbles, palm trees or ponds.

Polar peaks can mean prayers and parkas of which you may not be fond.

You may meet playful pups like a pug, a papillion or pekingese

Or perhaps a parrot, a pig or a pigeon, so pay your respects if you please!


There are perks like pizza, pasta and pies

And let’s not forget the premium pastries and ooh… the fries!

But no!  It’s for appearance, strength and proper placement.

That’s really why we pound the pavement!


Perhaps this can provide some poignant, pensive pondering during your play.

But to propose a promise of the profound production of poetry or prose is unkind at most

Chances are it will just be another post!


I Mustache You a Question…


Thanks to FLRunnerboy for tagging me to do this post. I don’t normally do survey type posts but this was a fun one.

Four Names That People Call Me (Other Than My Real Name):

  1. Miss Jennifer -by my students
  2. JenJen -by my niece
  3. The Girl -by my dad -sounds a little odd to me too now that I haven’t heard it for so many years but when I was a little girl my dad made it sound beautiful 🙂
  4. Geneviève -by elementary school francophone teachers who decided this was the translation of Jennifer…it was not.

Four Jobs I’ve Had (Have):

  1. Preschool Dance Teacher
  2. Competitive Dance Coach
  3. Dance Studio Administrator
  4. Dance Studio Owner

……did I mention I my life has been all about dance? 😉 unless you count working in retail at the mall when I was a teenager, I seriously have never had another job.

Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once:

  1. Wedding Crashers
  2. Couples Retreat
  3. The Neighbors
  4. Old School
  5. The Hangover 1-2-3

Okay, so it’s more than four…..I just couldn’t nix any one of these favorites 🙂

Four Books I Recommend:

  1. Happiness of Pursuit -Chris Guillebeau
  2. The Art of Non-Conformity -Chris Guillebeau
  3. Born to Run -Chris McDougall
  4. I Am Malala -Malala Yousafzai
  5. Long Walk to Freedom -Nelson Mandela
  6. Awaken the Giant Within -Tony Robbins

Again four was not enough! All fabulous and all recently read…I could on and on and on, I LOVE to read 🙂

Four Places I Have Lived:

Montreal x4

Born and raised pour toujours 😉 J’adore Montréal!!

Four Places I’ve Been:

  1. Paris, France
  2. Turks & Caicos
  3. St Lucia
  4. Santorini, Greece
  5. Lausanne, Switzerland
  6. Florence, Italy
  7. London, England
  8. Grand Canyon, Arizona
  9. Whistler, British Columbia

Okay, I’ll stop, four was no where near enough…I LOVE to travel!!

Four Places I’d Rather Be Right Now:

  1. Australia
  2. Aruba
  3. Hawaii
  4. Japan
  5. Iceland
  6. Brazil
  7. Thailand

This is another list that could go on FOREVER!

Four Things I Don’t Eat:

  1. Tahini
  2. Frogs Legs
  3. Escargot
  4. Sashimi

Four of My Favorite Foods:

  1. Filet Mignon
  2. Anything with spinach!
  3. Crème brûlée
  4. Cheese fondue

I also have a problem with Lays BBQ chips -it’s an addiction actually…Sadly these chips probably shouldn’t be considered food either which makes it even worse!!

Four Shows That I Watch(ed):

  1. Amazing Race Canada
  2. Masterchef
  3. Million Dollar Listing New York
  4. Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain

Four Things I’m Always Saying:

I have altered this to 5 things “I’m always saying to my kids” (ages 3 and 6) because this is where I repeat myself the most!

  1. No Chloe, you can’t wear shorts to daycare
  2. No Zach, you can’t stay up late tonight
  3. Chloe eat your dinner
  4. Zach go take a shower
  5. Chloe….Zach….??? ARE YOU LISTENING TO MOMMY????


Four People I’m Tagging To Do This Next

Okay here’s a few more than four but why not? it’s fun! And feel free to join in even without being tagged!

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small_heart That’s all folks!