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My first 10km…DONE!!


This past Sunday I ran my first 10km race! Words can barely express the emotion of that day and those moments during the race. I am still on a high and my legs are still recovering!

My time was 1hr6min. Not fabulous by any means but I am happy anyway as it was my first attempt at a 10km. My goal was to make it through at a comfortable pace and enjoy the experience, which I did. However….I did also notice that I had made it to the 5km mark by 27min into the race! This would have been a HUGE PR for me if this had been a 5km race! My last PR for a 5km was 30min back in late September. The second half of the race slowed me down mostly because of the insanely large hill! However the satisfaction of my time in the first half totally made up for it 😉

So here goes the full 10km story!

We changed the clocks back an hour the night before the race which technically meant we all got an extra hour of sleep….lol…never mind. The kids woke up at 4:30am which was really 5:30am according to their internal body clock. It was a very early start but honestly I was just too excited to care. We had extra time to eat, relax and get organized without the usual rushing and craziness of a typical race morning.

The weather was just perfection! The snow held off and although it was just below zero degrees, the sun was shining and the skies were blue. It was so beautiful!


Excited to begin!!

The race was organized by the Running Room and was in support of a local charity for the intellectually handicapped. The location was just magnificent. Oka National Park. It is so beautiful. Words cannot express the sense of peace that overwhelms you as you enter the park. I actually felt guilty that it’s only 1hr30min from my house and I had never been there before. Made a mental note to return soon….great running trails, beautiful beach, camp sites, ski trails…..basically fun family activities for all seasons 🙂


View from the chalet

In addition to my husband and kids, this was the first race that my mom attended. She had never been to a race before and it was so nice to have her there. Nothing like your mom cheering you on to make you feel like a superstar!


My mom’s first time attending a race

1500 people ran the 10km. It was a good crowd, not too huge but large enough to get some good energy going as we warmed up. Excitement and anticipation filled the crisp fall air….and then something strange happened. In the last few minutes before starting I felt overcome with emotion. I was chatting away with the other runners and stretching when it just hit me. I got all choked up. I felt so grateful for this beautiful day, for my family, for doing something that makes me feel so amazing and being able to enjoy the outdoors surrounded by other happy runners. This had never happened to me before and it totally took me by surprise. Other than the not so practical side of holding back the tears as you begin to run, it was a very inspiring way to begin a race!

As I mentioned earlier, the first half of the race I was super speedy and thrilled about it! Second half was a lot harder but I pushed through and even manged to snap a pic of the gorgeous view of the last 2km as I ran! This probably didn’t gain me any respect among the serious runners…they most likely thought I was some kind of crazy running tourist! LOL


Can’t believe I took this while running!

As I came towards the end of the race, I realized that I needed to enjoy these last few minutes because it was almost over. This was another first for me…up till now the only thoughts in my head towards the end of a race have been: is it over yet…I can’t breathe…I’m not going to make it…and OMG, my legs HURT!! This time was different, yes I could feel all those things but my mind was in a place of calmness, peacefulness and appreciation. It was surreal and beautiful.

Hubby snapped this pic (that's me running in the red) in the last km of the race.

Hubby snapped this pic (that’s me running in the red shirt) in the last km of the race.

In a flash it was over. What seemed like an event with so much lead up was now gone.

What an experience! And a new medal to show for it 🙂

new medal to add to the collection!

new medal to add to the collection!

I crossed the finish line and for the first time ever after a race….I was STARVING! Never before have I been so happy to get my medal and move on the snack tent! Mmmmm….bagels, fruit, chocolate milk….ahhhhh…happiness! I quickly ate as much as I could before heading up the hill to meet the family. I could see my kids running down towards me screaming “I WANT A BAGEL TOO!!” I quickly ate as fast as possible before I had to hand over the rest of my snacks to them….sigh…always a mommy!!

After relaxing in the chalet and having lunch overlooking the water, we took the ferry back across the lake and headed for home. What a beautiful day. I couldn’t have asked for a better first 10km experience!

On the ferry!

On the ferry!

Beautiful view from the ferry as we crossed the lake.

Beautiful view from the ferry as we crossed the lake.

Author: Jennifer Florence

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9 thoughts on “My first 10km…DONE!!

  1. Nice! I am hoping to get to this point for next spring! I am running a 5K this weekend. Cant wait to be able to do a 10K!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thnx so much! Good luck on your 5km! You will feel amazing afterwards!


  3. Wow congratulations! Running 10km is really impressive 🙂 it motivates me to run as well

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m so proud of you!!! And that time is a great starting point! That time will get faster before you know it. Running in temps like that makes you one of my heroes!!! 1500 that perfect crowd and that medal is sweet!!! Once again congrats and I’m super happy for you!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks so much Lee!! You are awesome and a huge inspiration to me!! So nice to connect with positive, happy people like you!


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