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2 days till my first 10km!

2 days to go till my biggest race ever! I am super excited but also SUPER nervous!!!

So many “firsts” this Sunday…

  • First 10km race
  • First trail run
  • First time racing in colder weather….-1 Celsius is predicted for Sunday morning!
  • First time racing with Daylight Savings Timewhich actually may help as I will get in 1 extra hour of sleep!
  • First time racing after eating too much Halloween candy!! -this problem has actually been going on all week and it’s not even trick or treating time yet!

I would have liked to go into this race with a good 9-10 weeks of 10km training behind me but truth be told it’s only been 5 weeks since my last race which was a 5km. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be okay to run 8km without any issues but those last 2km might just do me in! However, even if I crawl my way to the finish line at least I will have finished the race and can say I’ve completed a 10km.

Then I can eat more Halloween candy!!! Bahahahahahahaaaaa 😉


All joking aside, I am really looking forward to accomplishing the goal of running 10km. Once I’ve done it, I can then focus on training to get a PR in a 10km. I am pretty competitive so aiming for a PR always seems to push me to do my best.

However before I go thinking too far ahead to PR’s, I just need to be on my game for Sunday. So in order to be fully rested, I’m not running till the race. I also need to nix the Halloween candy so……no running, no candy…..OMG I will definitely need another form of therapy!

Retail therapy it is!! To the mall I go 🙂



I am so excited I can barely breathe! My ultimate motivator….the man who can get me and millions of others moving, cheering and raising productivity like no other is coming to the NY area in March and I have TICKETS!!!

Going to see Tony Robbins #UPWNewYork baby!


I attended a Tony Robbins seminar about 8 years ago in Montreal and in one weekend, he totally changed my perspective on life, business and relationships. His teachings helped me to pursue all the things that I wanted and for a long time it was good, really good. However, as the years passed I became distracted by life and let go of some of the tools I had learned. With time, as many of us do, I lost my way a bit.

Last year when I took up running, I started listening to his seminars as I ran. By returning to the teachings I had originally learned from Tony Robbins, I was once again able to make changes in my life. I have since regained much of the confidence, personal power and motivation from years prior. I have once again raised my levels of productivity, my motivation is at an all time high and so far the results have been far better than I could have ever imagined! Most importantly, with these changes I have also begun to practice daily gratefulness for the abundance of love, health and current success that I have in my life.

So….. when I heard that Tony was coming to New York, I knew I had to attend and see him live again! I needed something extra, something a little crazy, something a little Tony 😉  

Fire walk experience here I come! Nothing like walking across burning hot coals to make you feel invincible!


This year, I have some major running goals to achieve, a new business idea that needs to be realized and above all else I have this desire to make a difference in the lives of others. So pursuing these goals while having in mind that I will be recharged by Tony Robbins himself in just a few months, is overwhelmingly HUGE to me!

And…..this development was perfect timing to take me through my last week of training before my first 10km race on Sunday! I am super pumped for this 10km and although it’s freezing cold outside and there’s light snow predicted for the day before the race, I don’t care.

I am going to rock this 10km and have the most amazing time doing it 🙂


This race symbolizes to me the end of my first year of running and the beginning of some serious training for year 2. It was hard to get off the couch and start running and I have a feeling it will be even harder in phase 2. However, moving from 10km to the half and then to the full marathon with Tony Robbins and his words of wisdom in my head, I know I can accomplish ANYTHING!

Nothing like supreme motivation during the last few days before my first 10km race!

Time to get outside and Go Runner Go!



Running therapy

I am grateful. I am grateful for my family, my health, the health of my children and the ability to tap into more than just the physical fitness side of running. Running this week has been nothing short of a blessing for me. It has been cathartic, a form of bliss that has transported me to a place where sadness and grief have no place.

This week with so much heaviness on my mind, I didn’t time my runs, I didn’t check distance or pace, didn’t even turn on my app to record it. I just ran. When I tired, I walked a bit, then I ran some more. Sometimes I ran as fast as I could, other times just kept to a slow jog. Always moving.

So much on my mind this week and running was the best therapy for it all.

Earlier this week one of my students shocked me as she casually mentioned in passing that her mom had died of cancer a few weeks ago. I had no idea. She had never missed a class, never shown any sign of grief, nothing. She is only 11 yrs old and her life has changed forever. I was crushed by the shock and my heart broke for her immediately…not to mention, this feeling was very familiar.  Although I was much older than her when I lost my dad to cancer, I know that feeling all too well. My dad passed away when I was 25 yrs old, one week before my wedding. It was crushing and life changing in an instant.

As well, just 2 days ago, a Canadian soldier was shot point blank in our nation’s capital. This is less than a 2 hour drive from where I live. The city of Ottawa was on lock down for 24 hours. This was a senseless murder by a lunatic aiming to act out in support other maniacs and their horrific crimes around the globe. This soldier leaves behind a 5 year old son who has yet to understand the magnitude of how his life has now changed forever.

As a mother, I grieve for these two children who have lost their beloved parents at such a young age. I also grieve for the children around the world who are living lives of hardship and suffering for so many reasons. As I grieve for others, I remember to be grateful and count my own blessings. This week, running has helped me to work through these moments and bring a sense of peace to my thoughts. Almost like a form of meditation if you will. Challenges, negativity, despair, grief are all normal parts of the human condition…but they do not define us. We are more than our experiences, we have the ability to see the beauty in life if we so choose to.

I am grateful to running for keeping me grounded. I have learned to appreciate the beauty in the world around me. I am thankful to be able to make the choice to get out and run. Whether I run fast or slow, reach a new PR or not, it doesn’t matter. I am blessed.

Running….I thank you.



Less than 2 weeks to go!

I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by…feels like just yesterday that I started this running journey and now year 1 of my running is coming to an end. I have less than 2 weeks to go before my first 10km! I am so happy to have achieved my goal of bringing the outdoors and fitness into my life by starting to run and entering races. So now as my deadline approaches, I am looking ahead to what I want to achieve during year 2 🙂

This is a good time to start thinking about it because the weather is getting colder and it won’t be long now before the snow arrives. Winter running is manageable until about minus 10 degrees Celsius, providing the snow is not too deep and the roads are not too icy. It’s actually quite beautiful to run outside in the winter. Crisp air, bright sunshine, soft powder….


I wish I could run outside all year long however….once winter really hits I must have a training plan and sadly…..a gym membership in place. Last winter I vowed to keep my running outdoors the entire time and was able to do so until the polar vortex hit. However, when it did hit and it hit Montreal twice last winter, I lost out on several weeks of training.

Let’s face it, when you start to look like this little guy during a winter run, it might be time to go inside…..

A fine snow covers a dog playing on the

So this winter I will have a better plan in place! Unless of course global warming finally happens and Montreal turns tropical in February!! No? Not a chance? Okay fine. I will join a gym.

Starting off year 2 with the ability to run 10km is great but now I want to turn my focus to winter training that will enable me to run a half marathon in the spring/early summer. So I must be prepared! December through March I will bite the bullet and join a gym in order to use a treadmill. I dread the thought of having to drive to the gym and run indoors but there really aren’t any other options if I want to continue moving forward and prep for spring.

So here are my goals for year 2…

  • 2 “warm up” 10km races around April and May
  • Half Marathon by the summer

Exact timing of these goals is still tentative…who knows, maybe I will have a fabulous winter training session at the gym and be ready for the half marathon earlier than expected. If that is the case then maybe I can set my sights on the full marathon by next fall!

So it’s official, I have accepted that I will have to join a gym this winter. Time to start researching local gyms….but first I must take advantage of what’s left of the good weather and get outside to run! I still have that 10km on November 2nd to be ready for 🙂

So in the words of my little running girl from my previous post, it’s time to…..Go Runner Go!


Go Runner Go!

Got back out there the past two days and ran a solid 5km each time. After 5 days off for Thanksgiving and irregular training prior to that due to shin splints, I assumed that my first few runs back would be difficult. To my surprise they were fabulous! I felt rested, strong, fast and above all else motivated! It was so much fun that it became hard to hold back and not overdo it 🙂

Best part of yesterday’s run was when my hubby brought the kids down to the end of our street to cheer me on as I rounded the corner for home. This has become a fun tradition for us all. They always come to support me when I race but lately  they have been doing the same whenever they are home too. Nothing like a cheering crowd to help make for a faster finish!

So as I turned the last corner, I eagerly waited to get that first glimpse of my family but this time I got a surprise….my sweet little girl decided to break free from her daddy’s hand and “pace” me in the last leg of the run! In a flash she was next to me, running alongside like an elated puppy. “Mommy, I running!” she said as she looked up at me, her eyes all sparkly and wide. “Faster Mommy, faster! We running!” Never for a second did she hold back. You would expect to have to slow down to brisk walk in order to stay side by side with a running 3yr old. Not this little girl! I actually had to keep to a jog, she was so fast! We quickly came up to our house and I attempted to tell her to stop and wait for the boys who were leisurely walking back to us.No Mommy!! We RUNNING!” she screeched. And we continued on around the block again. She didn’t even slow down.

It was a beautiful moment, running side by side with my little princess who just kept grinning as she ran. I was amazed that she didn’t slow down or ever stop….and we don’t live on a small block! When we came back around to our house, our boys were cheering and calling out to us. My little runner grinned as she flew up to the driveway, arms stretched up above her head 🙂

I bent down to hug her but she held her hand up to high five me instead “Go Runner Go!”  she said with a little sparkle in her eye.

To all my fellow runners out there today, I am sending you my virtual cheer……..

Go Runner Go!! 🙂



Turkey Trot…Not!

OMG….24hrs after Thanksgiving (yes it was Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend) and I still feel stuffed like a turkey!

Totally threw all my good eating and running habits out the window this long weekend and replaced them with endless meals, lots of wine, movies, tractor rides through the local apple orchard and beautiful sweet moments with friends and family. I am so grateful for these moments and so blessed to have them. However…due to this lovely weekend, it’s quite obvious that my running form now resembles that of a waddling stuffed turkey! Not good when your first 10km is fast approaching!

Just for fun and so you can have a good idea of how much my training has suffered in the last 5 days, here’s a quick recap of this past weekend.


Running after my 3 yr old as she giggled with delight and played hide and go seek in the apple orchard



Side lunges across the table to help myself to more pie



Lifting my 6 yr old up into a tree to reach the best apples.

Hmmmm…okay not too much lifting here….perhaps this pic is better off as a warning to all those who try to climb a ladder after drinking apple cider!



Vino…vino…and more VINO!



Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, apple pie, pumpkin pie….let’s just say there was LOTS of fuel!


So as of tomorrow I must get back on track and take my waddling to trotting and hopefully in a few days I should be back to a full gallop. Only 19 days to go till my first 10km and yes..I am scared…very scared! Fingers crossed that I run off this turkey weekend FAST and get back on track to a solid first 10km!



The Secret Club

Before I became a runner…I had only two consistent thoughts about the topic.

  • Runners? Never noticed any….is that a popular sport?
  • Why? What is the point of running? No goals, no teams, seems kind of boring.

So it’s quite amusing that I became a runner almost by accident. I was looking to get outside and connect with nature, then randomly decided that walking was not enough to stay fit and maybe I should speed it up a bit. Next thing I knew, I was running.

So what did I think about runners once I started? Well…it was sort of like buying a new car and automatically seeing that car EVERYWHERE! There were runners all over the place! Where did they come from? Had they always been there? How come I had never noticed them before? Then I thought-Crap…can they see me? Why am I doing this…this is like being an impostor in a secret club. Do they know that I have no clue what I’m doing?

As these thoughts starting whirling though my head I also realized that I was smiling and I thought to myself this is crazy, I must be getting light headed. This running thing is making me sick…or totally nuts? OMG I LOVE IT! I feel like I’m flying with the wind! Then I realized. Why do runners run? Because it’s FUN! I was like a puppy with boundless energy and yes….I will admit to “chasing” cars just like a puppy. Something about approaching a car at a stop sign makes me want to race it as it accelerates 🙂

I never knew how fun this could be! Why didn’t anyone ever tell me? Turns out, running is like a drug and I was hooked.

As time progressed I noticed that those secret runners were smiling and waving to me as I ran. Some even said good morning or spoke words of encouragement as they passed. Each had the same loopy grin on their face and connected with me via a secret nod, smile, word or wave….it was official, I had been accepted into the club.

My questions had been answered.

  • Notice runners? Yes, yes I do. In fact, I now actively look for them everywhere I go and I am obsessed with thinking, talking, writing and reading about running.
  • What is the point of running? To feel the inexplicable joy of testing your personal speed limit, the freedom and beauty in the capabilities of the human body. And chasing cars….yes chasing cars. Those puppies were on to something!



Too much of a good thing

Last week I was so eager to get going on my 10km training that I totally overdid it and gave myself shin splints. Three runs with extra distance and hills, along with teaching dance 3 nights/week really did me in. By the end of the week and throughout most of the weekend, I was sitting on the couch icing my legs. So frustrating!

Although I felt better yesterday and really wanted to go out, I restrained myself and waited another day. It was worth the wait! I felt great this morning and headed out for an easy run just to get back into the groove. Despite a late start due to waiting out the storm (actually saw hail the size of mothballs this morning!) it was fabulous. By mid morning, the storm had passed and the sun was back out again. Nothing like running when the sun is shining!

I have learned my lesson…as much as I feel good in the moment, overdoing is just not worth it and…..too much sitting around with ice bags makes me cranky!

Don’t want this to happen again so I’m thinking of changing it up with my training and alternating running on the road and on a trail. There are some great trails nearby and alternating runs on both surfaces is probably a good idea. It is a bit of a pain to have to get in the car to drive to the trails instead of simply walking out of the house for my workout but after last week’s setbacks it could be worth it.

Fingers crossed for better runs and no pain this week!


First day of 10km training

Today was my first official day of 10km training and if I wasn’t excited enough about that….I woke up still on a high from Sunday’s race, which really made for an all around fabulous run. A nice 10 degree crisp fall day, a new route that included beautiful scenery and hills, fall leaves beginning to change colors, it was really beautiful. So grateful. Nothing like a great first day out on a new program to get the motivation going. Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow 🙂

So far I’ve used the Couch to 5km app and have now started the 5-10km version. Seems like a decent plan, although I will admit to not being all that knowledgeable about training plans yet. It’s supposed to be a 9 week training plan and the 10km I signed up for is November 2….not exactly 9 weeks but I figure I can make it work somehow!

Although apparently it’s best to train every second day, my work schedule doesn’t really allow for that. So I plan to train Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday with the occasional run on the weekend if possible. In between that just going to work should take care of the cross training. I own a dance & music studio, so often going to work means teaching dance classes for a few hours. I’m hoping that counts….and of course running around after a very active 3 and 6 year old at home has got to count for something too right? 😉