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Another 5km done!

I did it! Actually managed to shave a minute off my time since last month’s race. New 5km PR of 30min40sec baby! Not fabulous but it keeps me well on my way to accomplishing my goal of running a full marathon by this time next year.

So today’s race started out pretty much the same as last month’s….super calm, peaceful and focused….NOT! Try a 5am wake up followed by a mad dash to get ready, dragged the kiddies out of bed, dealt with the tantrums, drove by Tim Horton’s for a quick breakfast and rushed downtown before the traffic. Not too bad right? And it would have been okay, except that this morning is when my good old friend Murphy appeared to ensure that my kids who NEVER sleep in…..sleep in this morning! I mean really? My son Z normally jumps out of his bed each morning (and extra early on weekends and holidays) and literally does a mad dash around the house just for fun. Today however, I had to physically drag him out of bed as he snoozed peacefully through the chaos of morning. Unbelievable. And let’s not even discuss those tantrums. We had 3 this morning, 3 tantrums. It was just insane.

Then, once we are in the car, all I heard was “Mommy? Mommy, I’m hungry, Mommy I have to pee, Mommy where’s my bagel, Mommy I spilled my milk, MOMMMMMMMYYYYYY!!! ” Holy fuck. Why don’t they ask their dad for help?? It’s not like he isn’t there, he’s sitting right next to me for pete’s sake! Needless to say it is impossible to get in the zone and focus on the race when the decibel level inside the car is beyond the beyond.

Don’t get me wrong. I love racing and I love that my little family always comes out to support me but damn it would be nice if the kids would stop pestering me every 5 seconds when I’m trying to get mentally prepared! By the time I got to the race today, I was stressed out, had lost my water bottle, shoe laces were untied, was fighting with the bib and 5 min before the start realized that I never got the chance to pee since I woke up. Fabulous. Nothing like running with a full bladder!

So given all these factors, I am super proud of my time today and can’t wait for the next race! Only now I’ve signed up for a 10km…in November. It snows in November. The kids will need boots, coats, gloves, hats, neck warmers and possible even snow pants….that will seriously add to the morning chaos! What was I thinking!!

Hmmmm…maybe I just won’t wake them up next time.


Night before the race

A little less than 10hrs before I run my second 5km….and I am so excited! Or at least I was, until…….I started getting the eye roll by the non runners. So apparently, by many people’s standards this is not be a big deal at all. In fact it’s almost insulting how many non runners think a 5km is no big deal! Every time someone says to me “Hey so I hear you’re running the marathon tomorrow!” And I respond with ” well actually it’s a 5km” their reactions are less than stellar. Their faces change from super impressed about what they think I am doing, to super condescending when they learn that I am only at the 5km mark. “Ahh…well good for you then!” They say, while rolling their eyes and nodding. This just makes me want to scream and lunge at them “Can you even run to your car?” but of course I restrain myself. After years working in the service industry I am really fantastic at giving warm, smiling, friendly looks all while exploding like a volcano inside. God help me while I politely acknowledge your back handed compliment and pretend to care what you think. Non runners….so annoying and judgemental! Or maybe I’m just hanging around the wrong people?

Anyway enough venting, time to hydrated and get a good night sleep! Gotta run tomorrow!!


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The beginning….

So my first race was the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend back in May 2014. I ran the 2km with friends and discovered the exhilaration that comes with running alongside others. Up until that moment I had only ever run alone, circling the blocks around my house. ย The lead up to the starting siren, the rush of the other runners, the cheers of the crowd….what an amazing feeling! By far it was the best 11min.53sec I had ever experienced. I was hooked. I came home and immediately signed up for a couple of 5km races -Lachine Bonneville in August 2014 and the Montreal Oasis Rock n’Roll in September 2014.

A day or so after that while I was still enjoying the high from that first 2km race, I came down with a fever. I also had a nagging cough that been around for weeks but like most moms of little kids, I waited way too long to actually get it checked out. In fact it wasn’t until a client of mine mentioned that I wouldn’t have waited so long to take my kid to the doctor so why was I waiting so long to get myself checked out? Hmmm…okay good point. So I finally went and although I was feeling pretty sick all I could talk about to the doctor was how I had just run my first race. The doctor was clearly not impressed as he looked at my xrays and diagnosed me with pneumonia. Not a great start you say? Actually I thought it was fabulous! I had just completed my first ever race with pneumonia! Totally made my time of 11min 53sec even better ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I rested up, got well and trained for the August 5km. Another awesome experience but this time I realized how hard running is. After starting too close to the front with the “real” runners and trying to keep up with their pace (OMG! I didn’t know it was a 5km sprint!!) it was clear that I needed to learn some technique. Twice during the race I had to stop and walk and although my time was decent (31min44sec) I knew I could do better next time around. I just needed to learn about this damn pacing thing.

So here I am at the end of September looking forward to another 5km race this Sunday. I have trained regularly, followed my couch to 5km app to a T, been fueling up right, staying hydrated….I am ready! Now let’s hope my kids don’t sick, I don’t get sick (although I’ll probably ignore it if I do!) there’s no crisis at work, the weather holds up and all the stars are aligned ๐Ÿ™‚ But hey even if it doesn’t all work like magic, it’s still an excuse to get outside and feel the air rushing through me as I run!!

Updates to follow after the race on Sunday but for now some pics of my first 2 races.

Before the race! Ottawa 2km-May 2014

Before the race! Ottawa 2km-May 2014

Running my first race ever! Ottawa 2km-May 2014

Running my first race ever! Ottawa 2km-May 2014

Excited to start! Lachine 5km-August 2014

Excited to start! Lachine 5km-August 2014

Trying to hold it together after crossing the finish line. Lachine 5km-August 2014

Trying to hold it together after crossing the finish line. Lachine 5km-August 2014